GÜSEM Training Area Contact Information
Address : Atatürk Olimpiyat Stadı İkitelli/İstanbul
Telephone : +90 (216) 594 58 59
Fax : +90 (216) 594 51 58
E-Mail : bilgi@gusem.com

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How to go to training fields of Güsem?

1-A: : The way if you are coming from Anatolian side of Istanbul:
Use the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and follow the signs for Ataturk airport. When you pass through the Ikitelli exit, follow the signs for Edirne - Ataturk Olympic Stadium (West-South “Bati-Guney”).
1-B: The way if you are coming from Gunesli:
After passing through Gunesli, take the right for Edirne and follow the Ataturk Olympic Stadium (West-South “Bati-Guney”). While driving on that road you will see MASKO furniture mall on your right and TEM highway tolls on your left. Follow the road by using the signs that goes towards the Ataturk Olympic Park - Kayasehir. When you see the Ataturk Olympic Park and Kayasehir sign turn right.

a. How to go to classroom:
After getting in to the Park, you will see the the security check in 700 meters or so, inform them that you have come to training with Güsem, after the security check in about 100 meters turn left. Towards the gate D you will see the VIP parking lot, park there and the security will escort you to the classroom. b. How to go to the practice field?:
After getting in to the Park in about 300 meters you can use the entering point on your right to enter the Gusset’s practice field.