This training takes one day, half a day is for the theoretical training and the other half is for the practicing in actual traffic. The vehicles that will be used in the practice has to be provided by the attendees or the company they work for.


What will be taught on the training? 

  •  At the theoretical training, defensive driving principles will be taught.
  •  the check points before starting to drive, the proper sitting position and the proper holding position of the steering wheel will be taught.
  •  Proper way of handling the steering wheel and the proper way of using the mirrors will be taught.
  •  Travel safety will be mentioned.
  •  What causes the traffic accidents and the defensive ways to avoid them?


At the practice of training, following subjects will be covered; how to look and observe while driving, how to be aware of any risk and the logical explanations of the defensive movements that avoids those will be used to avoid accidents that might occur from those risks. The attendees will drive under the supervision of the trainers with using the same driving technics. The decisions and the behaviours of the driver will be evaluated at the moment and the wrong ones will be corrected at that moment to improve the attendee’s driving skills.


What will be the benefits to the attendee?


  •  The attendee will start to be more proactive while driving
  •  Behavioral changes while driving,
  •  Diagnosing any threats or risks will take less time,
  •  The attendee will be more cautious in order to avoid any bad situations.
  •  The traveling process will be more comfortable,
  •  Fuel consumption will be more efficient.
  •  The attendee will have less stress and conflict at traffic


8, The attendee will be able to see other drivers perspective, therefore will be more respectful for other drivers.