This training basically ruined by DriveTech (VVCR Europe was it’s previous name), the training is being given in 18 countries only, and the institutes have to have the authorization from the DriveTech to do so. Güsem is one of those institutes which can provide this training. The training involves driver coaching and risk analysis.

Prior to the training, the attendees has to take a questionnaire which helps us to find the risk profile of the driver. The questionnaire evaluates the Fleet Driver Risk Index.

At the evaluation process the questionnaire was customized by DriveMetrics, also CITO and Cranfield University was involved with this process as well, since they are already involved with the examination processes internationally, the criterias and the evaluation process is highly professional.

Training takes two hours and it is being done in actual traffic with the supervision of trainers. it doesn’t involves any theoretical classes. The main purpose of the class is to find out and diagnose the skills that the driver needs to work on, it simply works as a basic SWOT analysis. After the diagnosing process, the trainers will show the proper technics to improve skills that needs to be improved. At the end of the training a document will be filled between attendee and the trainer to make it clear which skills were improved during the training.