The founders of Güsem (Mehmet Ozcan, Yener Gulunay, Ersin Karaman and Ozkan basaran), started to give trainings for safety trainings for driving at 1998, while their experiences on the field is up to 20 years, they are the team which had the most attendees for their trainings in Turkey.

Güsem had business relationship with hundreds of national, international corporates and local authorities, trained more than 100.000 attendees on safety technics for driving. All these trainings and consultations was doneny the team or under supervision of the founding partners.

The quality of the training depends on the driver coach’s capability and information. If the coach is not capable or doesn’t have the enough information regarding the training, it might cause you to waste your time or resources, more importantly it might lead you to an accident. The team of Güsem is highly educated and experienced and it is perfectionist from the beginning, aimed high satisfaction from their attendees, the information that is provided by the trainers especially the way of communication while teaching makes the trainings enjoyable while learning important and valuable lessons on driving.

Furthermore, Güsem is highly experienced on test drives and automotive organizations, which includes every kind of vehicle’s test drive, different vehicle brand’s new car publicity to press, branches of the brand or to the final consumers of it. Finally, the company is also able to provide trainings that requires specialized technics such as 4x4 OFF-ROAD driving or economical driving technics.