Road Safety Service

For this service one or more road safety specialist will be assigned.

  • Road safety and driving regulations will be prepared for the customer’s specific needs.
  • Archiving for all vehicles and drivers, scheduling and following all trips daily.
  • Preparing all the vehicles those belong to the company for the examination and report if there is anything that needs to be done by the company who owns the vehicles.
  • Providing the service of checking and following up with ever vehicle’s DVR and tracking system, making sure that all of them works all the time.
  • Investigation of any accidents that may occur and reporting with how to avoiding them.
  • Reporting for all drivers’ driving and break schedules, evaluation of possible risks and how to avoiding them, checking the routes of each vehicles, checking the road and weather conditions, at the end of this report if there is any violation of law and company rules, the upper management will be informed.
  • Printing and delivering all permit cards and safeness cars.