Safety driving foundation training takes one day. Half of the day is for the theoretical class and other half is for practicing at the training field which is closed to traffic and built specifically for this training only. Attendees or the companies has to provide the vehicles that will be used at the training.


What will be taught in the training? 

  • 1. At the theoretical class, basics of the safety driving technics.
  • 2. The reasons of the traffic accidents and how to avoid them?
  • 3. The factors that influences the handling and proper usage of steering wheel.
  • 4. The driving technics for icy roads.
  • 5. How to handle the emergency situations, What are the common mistakes about it ?
The practices are for the prior moments of having the accident, which involves; how to handle oversteer and understeer, what is the effect of the change of the center of the weight to the handling of the steering wheel, the proper way to take turns and finally how to handle the icy road conditions.
What will be the benefits to the attendees? 
  • 1, Learning the driving dynamics and limitations
  • 2, Learning the speed control to avoid any bad situations,
  • 3, Learning the timing of the breaking process.
  • 4, Learning and experiencing how to handle the icy road conditions.
  • 5, learning to how to handle any emergency situations without panicking.