With the trainings and the consultations that our company provides, we aim to improve the awareness of the risks in traffic, decrease the accident rates and improve our attendees survival rates in any case that might occur in traffic. Our prior purpose is to AVOID any accidents with your realistic solutions or ways to be proactive. At the practices we provide, both in the training fields and in the traffic, we aim to implement the safety driving technics to our attendee’s way of driving.

Some of the main purposes of our companies are; to have right and most updated information about driving safely, using media to distribute the information to society, to have a good relationship with the society, to make the trainings which are the solutions for the accidents more common, to create long term projects to improve the social awareness about the business.

In Turkey, for all the accidents %90 of the time the cause of the accidents are the drivers, according to this fact, training the drivers is the most important solution to decrease the accidents which may lead the economical damage more importantly loss of life.

To decrease the accidents while working and decrease the loss of life and property damage for the companies are some of the biggest purposes of SEC (health, environment and security). Most of the companies who agrees with SEC on this subject works with GÜSEM to evaluate their candidate workers about driving skills for them. With the evaluation and the trainings according to result of the evaluation, the accident risk for those drivers are decreased significantly.

According to needs and demands of the human resources department of the companies which would like to work with us for consultations or trainings, Güsem aims provide long term service with maximizing the benefits for the companies.