One of the biggest threat to your life is TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS

A driver who spends three hours while driving per day is spending 30 days of his in traffic for a year. While spending this amount of time in traffic, we need to remind ourselves that unfortunately this transportation method has the most death rates among the others!

Turkey’s traffic accident statistic is one of the worst in Europe. Statistically for 100 thousand vehicles, the accidents that occur 11 people die in U.K. while in Turkey that rate is 41 people. According to official statistics, 7500 people die in Turkey annually because of the traffic accidents. The economical damage because of all traffic accidents is really high as well. Unfortunately, with these accidents, the treatments of the injured people and psychologic effects of these processes on people are usually disregarded by the authorities and people.

One of the main reasons for Turkey to have these high rates of accidents is, people are able to start driving without proper experience for it. Safety driving trainings started at 1960s in U.K. The purpose for it was to avoid having the accidents and decrease the death and injury rates at these accidents.Following these trainings, countries like; U.S.A., Germany and Sweden started to discover and improve the safety equipments for cars which helped a lot for increasing the safety for drivers and passengers.

However, even the most updated and newest technological systems that we have right now are not able to avoid all accidents. The reason for that is the people, when the people is involved in the equation the accidents are inevitable. Solution should be the trainings that will be provided to teach people how to avoid accidents or how to protect themselves if there is any risk for accidents.

On this subject, the European Union made it mandatory for commercial drivers to attend to professional driving trainings periodicly at 10th of September 2003. If you are reading this, it means it is not too late for you! A person who aims to have a long and healthy life, should look for the ways to improve their or their employees’ rate of survival in traffic, the place for it is GÜSEM! You will realize how 1-2 seconds could change your whole life while driving with attending the trainings at Güsem.

We are confident that our professional trainer crew is the best in Turkey. Considering that %89 of the time, it is drivers’ fault at the accidents, to avoid the property damage and more importantly the LIFE LOSS, training is the best solution.

An employer who wants to invest to his or her company and to their employees must apply for the trainings that we are providing. Our trainings minimizes the rate of accidents, therefore minimizes the property damage and life loss.